1. Diary is a link between parents and teachers. It must be seen and signed daily.
2. Parents are advised to please keep the school informed of any change in postal address or in telephone numbers, in writing, as this is very vital in case of emergency.
3. It must be ensured that your wards are regular to school. In case of any leave, leave application must reach the office within a day.
4. Medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
5. No short leave for family celebrations like birthdays, engagements shall be granted during school hours.
6. Parents should strictly discourage their ward from wearing valuables like gold to school, as the school shall not be responsible for loss if any.
7. Bringing mobiles to school is strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken in such case.
8. Adhere to the Parent-Teachers Meeting (PTM) to acquaint with your child’s performance.
9. It is bounded and right of the parents to make suggestions / complaints for which a register is maintained at the school reception.

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