Principal Message

“Be Curious not cool.”

Education opens door of opportunities. As you walk into BPR Public School, you get enamoured to experience diverse student culture, equally knowledgeable faculty, a superlative library, labs and an conductive environment that will give you the liberty to develop extra-curricular and co-curricular talents.

We, as educators, firmly believe to learn and re-learn to remain contemporary and fill the need gaps in learning. Our teaching learning methodology includes story telling, observations, interactive sessions, project work, audio-visual aids etc. Just because of having faith in all around development, we offer wide range of co-curricular activities like music, dance, art & craft, drawing, yoga and a wide variety of sports.

Our mission is to nurture individual potential, so we air to keep student’s dreams and aspirations alive. Let us work together and try our best to build up your blooming career.

Shailja Gupta

BPR Public School

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