Director Message


“It is not a disgrace if dreams are unfulfilled, But it is, if we have no dreams to dream.”

BPR is a wonderful place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally and get involved and have a meaningful experience. Here we strive to create an environment where each and every student is given hundred percent attention which is the basic need to achieve his/her individual success.

The school aspires to provide its students with the best possible world class resources to develop into such kind of human beings that world really needs today and in future. The students are exposed to a vibrant process of learning which develops creative thinking and promotes understanding in them as we believe that self confidence is the foundation of all great success.

We invite the parents to join our hands and embark on a journey of discovery and knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of the life of BPR Public School and for enrolment information.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sangita Mehta

BPR Public School

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